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Fertilized Parrots Eggs for sale

Fertilized Parrots Eggs for sale
are you looking at hatching your own parrots from the eggs stage? we now have some very fertile and ready to hatch species of parrot eggs for sale. all our eggs are tested fertile with hatch ratio 1:1 on all eggs. we can supply you with the following species of parrot eggs :
blue and gold macaw eggs
scarlet macaw eggs
green wing macaw eggs
hyacinth macaw eggs
congo grey eggs
timneh grey eggs
dyh amazon eggs
palm cockatoo eggs
umbrella cockatoo eggs
goffin cockatoo eggs
yellow nape eggs
eclectus eggs.
we ship to many countries and also provide incubators for hatching the eggs. we have been selling parrot eggs for several years now so we know all what it takes shipping out to our buyers. the give a complete money back guarantee and request all buyers to mention '' 12food'' when placing an other from us.
fertilized parrots eggs for - photo no. 1