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Magical ASCA Australian Shepherd puppies with papers

Australian Shepherd puppy (half a working line and hats line / half show line & 100% cuddly line) of Flowerpower Aussies

Our 5 puppies were born on 07/07/2013 and are looking for a good home. They originate (free HD A1, eyes, MDR1 + / -) from the mating of Activity's Fires At Midnight (Peggy) DNA-CP and Keep smiling Roco 2 Mi Sombra (Rocco) DNA-VP (HD A, eyes clear, MDR1 + / +).

We have a small but nice lover breed and live on the outskirts of Fuerth / Bavaria in the beautiful Franconia surrounded by orchard and surrounded by fields and meadows.
magical asca australian - photo no. 1